CERALSIO porcelain is a tile surface by CRL Stone with minimum usable dimensions of 3200x1500mm. Ceralsio is an ideal product for projects that require seamless pieces on large areas such as kitchen islands, flooring, bar counters and bathroom feature walls. Externally, it can be applied to patios, terraces, balconies and facades that require a product that will be impervious to weathering conditions.

CERALSIO porcelain is highly resistant to tear and wear including scratches, heat, staining, and accidental impact. Further performance characteristics include extreme resistance to frost and ice, almost zero water porosity resulting in a hygienic material, resistant to UV rays with very low maintenance requirements. The product comes with performance advantages compared to those of natural stone and include suitability for both indoors and outdoors applications, resistance to bleach and solvents as well as resistance to ultra-violet rays and the ability to take on substantial weight without bending due to its high flexibility.

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