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Cream quartz is very popular shade of quartz worktop colour exclusively available at Quartz Worktop. These are literally on the verge of taking over from the Black options as being the number one choice of colour. The word beige was originally coined as a fabric that is left in its natural colour. As the names indicate, cream and brown quartz worktop colours provide the unique ability to decorate in a neutral colour palette without sacrificing any style or class and without overpowering your room. This offers flexibility when it comes to decorating and redecorating and lends a classic style to a kitchen or bathroom, particularly…..Read More

Black Granite Worktops are predominantly black in colour and contain small grey flecks that enhance their visual appeal and imitate the look of granite. At Quartz Worktop, we offer attractive black granite laminate worktops are a popular choice in busy modern homes: they require little maintenance and are extremely easy to clean. These granite effect work surfaces are well-suited to any style of home, and are made from high-quality composite fiberboard, which creates a sturdy core for your work surface. A decorative layer…..Read More

Ivory Fantasy Kitchen Worktop is a beautiful creamy coloured stone with swathes of beige flowing through it. With a pale cream hessian coloured background it is similar to Kashmir White granite in that it has rivers of movement within the whole slab in a striated pattern. Blending hews of peach and butterscotch running through it give it a much warmer overall feel. At Quartz Worktop, Ivory Fantasy granite worktops would be an ideal complement to any wood effect and solid wood doors. In addition, this stone with its strong colour variation would also…..Read More

At Quartz Worktop, we supply stunning grey quartz, marble and granite worktops. Our prices are highly competitive – we haven’t found cheaper in the UK. Practical, Durable, Attractive, Grey quartz worktops are the perfect colour choice for offering versatility. Grey countertops can be used to make your surfaces the centre piece of your kitchen design, or alternatively, they can blend in for a subtler look. Far from being boring or dull, our grey quartz sparkle worktops have a stunning glitter effect that catches beautifully in the light…..Read More

We at Quartz Worktop can install OPAL quartz worktop for kitchen and bathroom which will make your life more beautiful, Custom design and relaxed. Opal Quartz will warrant from the original date of installation material that fails due to any manufacturing defect when fabricated and installed by an Opal Quartz Certified Fabricator for a period of fifteen (15) years. This warranty applies to the repair or replacement of failed material that has been permanently installed in a single-family…..Read More

Veined Michelangelo certainly has a bold name and large shoes to fill! The subtle veining in marble styling certainly looks old and Italian in a classy way. At Quartz Worktop, whether you think Sistine Chapel or not when you consider this quartz surface is purely personal (or perhaps slightly delusional!). The Veined range from Quartz forms is top quality and should lend itself to far more applications than simple worktops for the kitchen…..Read More

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