Sensa Granite By Cosentino

Sensa is a range of natural granite by Cosentino, manufacturers of Silestone quartz surfaces. Sensa granite are carefully chosen under criteria of its subtle and exotic looks, scratch and staining resistance.

Different to Silestone quartz surfaces, these are natural stone surfaces which brings unique veining to each slab. Sensa granites are maintenance free surfaces which come with the protective treatment of Sensa by Cosentino and a 15 year transferable warranty to back up its quality. A protective treatment is applied to each slab of Sensa by Cosentino® that will enable you to to enjoy the natural beauty of Sensa granite by Cosentino® worktops for decades.

How Sensa is treated:

Cosentino treats Sensa with an invisible and durable treatment, incorporating itself into the granite whilst retaining it breathing. This procedure ensures its natural properties are accentuated by altering the tension of the granite and preventing the penetration of oils and liquids such as tea, coffee and other foods. It also protects the granite against UV sunlight.

Sensa work surfaces in London, United Kingdom. With over 15 years combined experience in natural and engineered stones, we are an experienced dealer assisting in world class projects across the country.

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